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I am more than excited and inspired to share today's episode our 7th game-changing entrepreneurs panel. I welcome all the way from Bali, America and Australia, The Witches of Wallstreet, an amazing group of businesswomen who have taken hold of their lives, careers, and the pursuit of happiness. First, we welcome Rhonda Swan @rhondaswan , the CEO & Founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency & the producer of the Help Me Rhonda Show, DIVA TANK & Witches Of Wallstreet. Next, we welcome, Leah Steele @theleahsteele , also known as The Wealth Witch and the CEO of The Leah Steele Brand and the host of The Wealth Witch Podcast @wealthwitchpodcast , Taryn Lee , founder of conscious lifestyle companies Evolve and Awakin, along with her newest project, Healy, and Michelle Patrick @theearthoracle , a clinically experienced Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic nutrition. Lastly, we welcome Soraya Garfield @thesorayaxx , a Utah native that recently sold everything she owns to join The Witches in Bali , along with Tracey Jewel @traceyjewel_ify , an author, motivational speaker, and mental health worker, who just launched a self-care podcast ” @upselfselfcare on Apple. Today's topic will be very enticing as we ask The Witches, "How Can You Be A Woman Of Wealth?"...Tune In 🔮✨

Fun Facts: Rhonda has begun her own talk show series just like myself! Many of the healing practices Michelle teaches, my father, a homeopathic doctor, taught me growing up. Soraya and I both packed up everything we owned a moved to an entirely new country to begin a new life. I've used a frequency machine to balance my electromagnetic field at home for years, much like the technologies of Taryn's "Healy".


The Wealth Witch Podcast With Leah Steele 🔊

Episode 59: Using Ancient Wisdom & Alchemy to Decode the Matrix - with Michelle Patrick


In this episode, Leah sits down for a candid Q&A with one of her closest friends and business partner, Michelle Patrick. They talk about living in purpose, motherhood, and why they brought their gifts together to form their business Immortal Alchemy Ltd. Their programs use a unique blends of ancient wisdom, alchemy and emotional clearing to help people decode the matrix, live purpose-led and be wealthy in all areas of their lives.


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Fierce Feminine Rising, Podcast 🔊

Connecting You To Your Divine Feminine Within

Online Programs Currently Available

Understanding proper food combining can make a tremendous difference in our overall health and well-being. In fact, it can be a total game changer. Food combining can even extend our lives far beyond the average and slow down the aging process, among so many other amazing things! That said, it is not necessary to get bogged down in strict unbending food combining rules in order to achieve good health. We have enough rules in life. You only need to follow some simple, but important principles. And that’s exactly what we will be doing in this 2 day masterclass! 

Join our evolving community and wellness revolution. So, what is a wellness revolution you ask yourself? It is the exploration of one’s unique path to wellness and the expansion of the mind, body and spirit as one thread of consciousness. Here you will have an adventure with your own internal terrain. Learn new landscapes you never knew existed. Regain personal power and reawaken your internal physician. You’ll also receive exclusive offers, wellness insights, and be introduced to other pioneers in wellness. You are the healer you have been waiting for. Let the self-mastery begin. Wellness is evolving and it takes a tribe.

In the Self Mastery Hacks Masterclass Series we venture into different parts of our physical being. We will tap into the naturopathic, nutritional, herbal, and ancient theory and philosophy whirl pool of healing, and pull out the drops that water our soils of holistic living for when we need a little first aid or for the bigger picture of our wellness goals.

Becoming Immortal

Becoming Immortal is a 6 month journey of discovery that will leave you with a deep understanding of your constitutional factor. It is your next step in self-mastery. In addition to learning how to nourish and support the blueprint of your constitutional factor to create balance and wholeness, this journey will be a deep dive into behavioral patterns, alchemical psychology, and the spiritual aspects of your constitutional factor. It is through this understanding that we activate purpose and gain the ability to walk our true path.⁣ ⁣ In addition to the individual constitutional factor journey you will be taking, you will gain an understanding of all of the 5 elemental spirits to create wholeness in your consciousness.⁣ ⁣ This program includes education, group clearing work, and 1:1 sessions and clearing work with both Michelle Patrick and Leah Steele. ⁣ ⁣⁣There is an application and interview process to join this program. 

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