You are what you eat is an old health saying that is only partly true.

We are a result of many things in our lives, and food is definitely and obviously one of them.


More importantly, you are what you ingest, assimilate, absorb and utilize.

Your very existence and matter are a result of ingestion.

Every inch of you is a result of what has manifested from what has been put into your mouth!


Pretty awesome right?


However, our total health depends not only what we eat, but how efficient our digestion and assimilation powers are. Digestive issues seem to be a social norm these days. We are certainly trained in the art of accepting less than pinnacle conditions in our bodies. It’s basically considered “normal” to have bloating after meals, indigestion, weird bowel movements and wanting to sleep directly after eating.


But they are NOT normal, and neither should you accept them to be.


We all know that the mind is also linked to our digestion, and let’s face it…the mind can often have its wicked way with us if we are not in control of our inner landscapes.


And the mind is not just in your brain!

It’s inside of every cell in your entire body!



The Art of Food Combining

2 Day Masterclass

Understanding proper food combining can make tremendous difference in our overall health and well-being.


In fact, it can be a total game changer. I remember when I started implementing food combining into my nutritional habits. EVERYTHING changed. I could think clearer, I felt lighter, and I WAS lighter. Food started energizing me instead of draining me. I looked younger. There has been no going back. We are so complicated. Humans complicate everything, even food. Gone are the days of eating for fuel, and in are the days of eating for Instagram. It often seems that the emphasis is on having a plate of food that is reminiscent of a well put together window display, instead of an actual meal. 


Food combining can even extend our lives far beyond the average and slow down the aging process, among so many other amazing things! Most people consume food indiscriminately, without thinking for a second what happens to the incompatible food mixtures when they reach the stomach.

It’s like a cemented mix, a mess!


That said, it is not necessary to get bogged down in strict unbending food combining rules in order to achieve good health. We have enough rules in life. You only need to follow some simple, but important principles. And that’s exactly what we will be doing in this masterclass! 


In this 2-day masterclass series you will –


 • Learn the golden keys to good health through food
 • Learn the principles of food combining
 • Learn all food groups and how they should be combined for excellent nutrition
 • Change the way you eat forever
 • Look younger, feel lighter and think clearer 
 • Solve chronic digestive issues just by eating!



Program is pre-recorded and ready for immediate access upon enrollment.



are you...


Fed up with the constant bloating? 



Ready to be energized instead of crashing after every meal? 



Dreaming to know what it feels like to have those epic healthy poos you've only heard about in fairy tales?



Sick of feeling heavy in body and mind? 



Listening to Michelle is like music to my soul... she speaks and my whole body and mind tunes in, activating an inner knowing.


Michelle’s intuition, wisdom and knowledge of the body goes deeper than I’ve ever experienced bringing in science, methodology and ancient wisdom together in a way that makes perfect sense and leaves you wanting MORE.


Be prepared to take radical self accountability and deep dive into your own personal well-being, personal power and sovereignty as you explore your bodies forgotten wisdom.

Laura Johnson

"This woman is CHURCH! She unravels the wisdom of the entire creation we carry within! You willl be forever changed! 


You have a body? Then you must dive deep then! Michelle brings a whole science and body of knowledge to assist us in creating an atmosphere within for our bodies to Thrive. 


She taps into the Divine Awareness that everything is whole and complete. 

That our natural state is Divine, and that we are an energetic match to what we bring inside.


Unfortunately most of our bodies have become more mass that no longer vibrates very high. Well she is here to change all that!”

Maria Portas

I have been working with Michelle for almost a year.


The depth of her understanding of the human body is incomparable. And in a way that I have not learned, even as a medical doctor myself.


Her intuitive and individualized approach makes it even better.


It has changed the way I approach my own health in ways that have benefited me physically, emotionally and spiritually.​”

Kristin Atkins

Michelle Patrick is a clinically experienced Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic nutrition, with an invested passion and interest in self mastery and five element theory and philosophy.


Michelle believes that the human body is capable of great self-healing and expansion when the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies align in their divine thread of consciousness. When you are in the sovereign state of your own wellness and in the integrity of embodiment. 


Though her dedicated practice, Michelle supports the awakening of this capability through her patients and clients. By not only supporting them with the application of treatment, but providing them with a frame work that supports the holistic person. Allowing the body and its subtle bodies to ignite homeostasis.

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