Elemental mischievousness


Life is a slow cooker of just five main ingredients.

It takes more ingredients to make some of those complex but beautiful meals you cook. These days a salad has more ingredients. But the human body and the cosmos are manifest from the magic of these five ingredients.


The five elements:
Metal (air)


Once you self actualise the sheer MAGIC of these elements within you, physically and emotionally, you can easily see how life can be almost a cosmic joke...


We struggle in areas of mind body and spirit.

Breaking our backs to maintain balance and growth.


Where as through the understanding of the elements within, and how they interact with our external realities, not only can you realise that peace you have been seeking, by realising YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS, but, you realise how life gets to be a hell of a lot simpler than you’ve ever believed. 


That you get to be healthier than you've ever believed.

That you get to be more vibrant than you've ever believed.

That you get to be more balanced than you have ever believed.


Wanna take a journey with me? 

It will be fun I promise!



This is a 5 day introduction to the 5 Elements.


This is pre-recorded for immediate access upon registration.

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