Flower essences are considered to be vibrational medicine.


They are vibrational medicine.


As we evolve out of our limited concepts of matter and energy, this theory manifests as truth through its undeniable ability to revolutionise boldly in our human form . Flower essence essentially carries the vibrational energy of a flower or plant which may aid in the relief of emotional, mental or physical trauma and potentially enhance spiritual growth. It’s nurturing ability to use the senses and nervous system to melange with our symbiotic relationship to nature in order to support balance, which then manifests as expansive holistic health in all pillars. Our foundations must be supported in order to carry the load we often give it. Moving into the realms of vibrational medicine to support an already expansive opportunity within alternative medicine to achieve health and wellness goals, is an exciting opportunity for evolution.


Flower essences seemed like a revolutionary concept when Edward Bach in the 1930’s first discovered that the essence of a flower contained energy which could be used to treat various emotional conditions. In fact, flowers have been used for their healing properties since time immemorial. The indigenous Australian cultures would often drink the dew of certain flowers for their healing qualities. And there are many more cultures globally pertaining to the use of plants and flowers for their medicinal favores.


There are many opportunities to venture into this exciting relationship. Some of the flower essences available are the Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, New Zealand First Light Flower Essences or the Alaskan Flower Essences. Knowing your unique wellness blueprint and inner ecology will allow you to choose which resonates with your current holistic requirements .


Flower essences have been a part of my self-mastery tools for what seems like forever. And I would like to share just how amazing they are in my 2 part masterclass, “Symbiosis”.


In this class you will:


🌼 Learn what flower essences are


🌸 Explore different varieties of flower essences


🌺 learn the history


🌻 Find out how they work and their effects and benefits on all our bodies.


🌸 How you can use flower essences


🌺 Adventure how to add flower essences to your self-mastery tools for excellent holistic health


I look forward to journeying with you!



This is pre-recorded for immediate access upon enrollment.