Get your shroom on!


One of my other non-negotiables in my personal self-mastery tool kit is medicinal mushrooms.



It’s totally wild be me how often we sit back chilling in OUR bodies and feel like immunity is just going to come and knock on your door asking for shelter.


WE need to build it.


Whilst the body is an amazing infrastructure, due to the ebbs and flows of this crazy ass life, it needs a little kick up the ass sometimes.


I don’t just integrate medicinal mushrooms as a kick ass.

I implement them as expansion.


I’m a firm believer in experiencing life EXPANSIVELY in my human form in this reality. And I am a firm believer, that within our symbolic relationship with nature, it gets to be wildly expansive. ESPECIALLY when we break down domesticated ideals of what is possible. I’ve been working with medicinal mushrooms as part of my mastery for around 20 years. I’ve experienced and continue to be amazed by their capacity to support homeostasis.


Did you know that our fungi friends are more closely related to humans than plants?!


How wildly beautiful is that?! Our cells are basically architected the same way. The difference is in the fungi walls.

This close genetic similarity is what allows many of medicinal mushroom’s defense characteristics to work as a legitimate means to increase our body’s immune system.


I could give a whole sermon on why the rose tints need to come off, and we need to extend our awareness further into accessing our greatness and potential in our unique patterns of our wellness BUT, I’ll just give you some reasons for exploring these instead -


They are a “superfood” for the immune system

They are an antioxidant powerhouse

They make your brain healthy- ermmm yes please

They are effective in fighting off tumors and cancer- this isn’t a “woke” statement.

(That’s scientific and clinical fact.)


Those are my top four reasons.


If you are ready to explore the magic of the mushroom kingdom ( pun intended )

Click your link below and roll down the rabbit hole. Wellness wonderland in abundance.


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BECAUSE… it is -




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