Self Mastery Hacks Masterclass Series


Michelle Patrick

Practioner of Chinese Medicine
Naturopathic Nutritionist
Five Element Theory
Self Mastery Magician
Wellness Revolutionist

I believe in mastery. 


I believe In sinking into the full epic dimensions of our human transverse every immensely beautiful path of the mountain, cave, labyrinth of the mind, and body/spirit connection that is the human experience.


It is in these explorations that we can truly unveil our divine right to live in purpose, be well in all aspects of our lives and realize just how amazing being alive and aware is. There WILL be hiccups along the way of course, like tripping over that pain in the ass rock you didn’t see or treading in shit because you weren’t paying attention. 

Yep, taking our vision away from within can have that effect. 


It can cause unnecessary tantric vomit in the form of illness, both physical and emotional, because we simply dropped the ball of how important it is to be open and curious about our unique manifestations of wellness, and how to THRIVE in it.


Being alive can be depleting in itself when you understand the essence of energy. 


Immediately after birth, from breathing to eating, we start a lifelong process of absorbing energy from our different environments and transforming it into ourselves...all parts of ourselves including our physical body, energy and mental activity. For example, if we maintain and nourish healthy lungs and digestive system function, (in fact if all of our amazing internal organs our innerstood, healthy and with a wonderful source of oxygen and food that nourishes our unique internal ecology) then we are able to manifest and generate all the energy we need to live a life of divine health and wellness.


Learning to navigate the terrains of our own unique experiences is self mastery. It is knowing that we often and continuously exhaust and deplete our essence instead of nourishing it. It is understanding that the essence you have been given at birth can be complimented with varying degrees of wellness that is unique to you. It is knowing how to live a life of expansive health in all pillars of our existence. It is a life long journey to explore yourself, yet having a pocket full of self mastery snacks or life hacks for the journey has always been a good idea.


The amazing thing about the universe is that it has given us EVERYTHING we need to live a life of epic holistic proportions. There are an immensely inspiring range of tools to get you through the times when those wellness curve balls hit you in the face. Not just as first aid, but there are an inspiring range of tools that support longevity, and expansion in the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual realms. It is the way of our symbiotic relationship with nature. Let’s keep it real, who doesn’t want to live a life like that?!?!


I surely do. 

I know you want to as well. 


This is why I created the Self Mastery Hacks Masterclass Series.


To support you on your journey inside.

You don’t need the whole cake of self mastery and medicine to be well, just a slice every now and again when hunger strikes. 


In this series, we venture into different parts of our physical being. We will tap into the naturopathic, nutritional, herbal, and ancient theory and philosophy whirl pool of healing, and pull out the drops that water our soils of holistic living for when we need a little first aid or for the bigger picture of our wellness goals.


Wellness IS evolving and it starts by owning your unique puzzle piece of consciousness.


It starts by taking radical responsibility for your wellness in a world that teaches you it comes from a shelf. 

It is creating ripples of change in your existence that potentially change the world around you.


It is being well.

It is knowing you can.

I’m looking forward to unveiling these tools with you.

And I’m excited to see you in the realization of how amazing life gets to be.


Welcome to Self Mastery Hacks.


The Self Mastery Hacks 101 Masterclass is the introduction to this series. It gives you hacks into all the things to help you get started on YOUR own individual journey. 


What you will learn --


-hacks for the digestive and excretory system

- hacks for the circulatory systems

- hacks for the respiratory system

- hacks for the reproductive system

- hacks for the lymphatic and immune system

- hacks for the nervous system and more!

Hacks 101 

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The Self Mastery Hacks 102 Masterclass is ALL about self-mastery hacks for the immune system, as well as all the AMAZINGNESS about YOU that will blow your mind. And knowledge is power!


What you will learn —


- How the immune system works

- Amazing facts about the immune system

- Things, some surprising, that deplete immunity

- How to cultivate a strong immune system

- Self-mastery tools to support your immune system, including naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, minerals, supplements and more!

Hacks 102: Immune System


Immediate access to the replay.

$111...start now!


Hacks Bundle 101 & 102 

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via replay to both Masterclasses.

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