Yup, I’m done. I’m done watching the past year drag you by your hair to a tornado of paralysed will. 


I’m done watching you believe that you are not in control of your health and wellness or worse, handing control of it over.


I’m done watching your sovereignty disappear down a river with the rest of the heard and watching you cling on for dear life, even though you didn’t want to get in in the first place. 


I’m TOTALLY over being witness to you not knowing a thing about the lifeship ( body ) you're in and what is true to YOU. 


If  your wellness is a mess,  then it’s probably oozing symptoms of that physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And that’s not cute.    


You should be over it too.


If it’s not a mess, but you KNOW your are not inhabiting every drop of your holistic potential in body. It’s time. Accepting less than greatness when it comes to your health and wellness is no longer an option. You just have to witness the effect the last year had on our bodies and our emotions to know this.


But as is the sacred geometry of life. Sometimes we have to return to the dust and be reincarnated. To resurrect. I have plenty of times. Let the resurrection commence.


We’re taking no prisoners with our wellness from now on. I can not STRESS the importance of this. The terms “ collective” “conscious collective” “mirror work” ain’t no joke. We really are the change we want to see in the world.  So if you want to inspire your fellow humans in the form of all relationships in your life and beyond, to step into their divine right to wellness and holistic health. You better start a ripple baby. 


We’re starting the year right. Creating solid foundations to thrive.


"New year new you" has nothing on what we are about to do.


We’re gonna actívate such fertile soil of wellness within. That the preciousness of the moment is all that’s going to matter. Sounds sexy right? 


Wellness IS evolving.




RESURRECTION is a 14-day intensive with me that is going to return you to what’s rightfully yours.


A healthy mind, body and expansive spirit. And all in a way that’s rightfully YOURS and not rightfully someone else’s. 

Your can not expect to flourish In mind if you the body that’s houses it has a drunk driver. 


You will-


  • Radically change what your life looks like with daily creation journaling and powerful affirmation
  • Gain In-depth knowledge of your internal systems. Because, you know. You should ACTUALLY know what your walking around in .
  • Learn to give a shit about the autonomic nervous system and why and where emotions arises from.
  • Turn what feels like lead into gold learning the Alchemy of the body and it’s subtle bodies
  • Daily motivation prompts 
  • 14 day naturopathic nutrition tips and prompts 
  • In-depth self mastery tools for mind, body and expansion of spirit. From internal exercising ( yes.. you CAN exercise your internal organs ) to...


*Daily Super Juice Recipes

*Breathing Techniques

*Self Mastery & Devotion 

All through 14 days of daily live streams and with your very own Resurrection workbooklet!



Add one 1:1 session with Michelle & dive deeper into any

specific health & wellness concerns or goals

you have for yourself.



Program starts March 29th, 2021



are you...


Fed up with the dogma? 



Ready to actually see if the grass is greener under you?

( I promise you it is ) 



Do you desire to step into your year with a whole new level of wellness?



I want to!



...and strive to experience the best of myself in every moment. 




Let’s resurrect together.

Listening to Michelle is like music to my soul... she speaks and my whole body and mind tunes in, activating an inner knowing.


Michelle’s intuition, wisdom and knowledge of the body goes deeper than I’ve ever experienced bringing in science, methodology and ancient wisdom together in a way that makes perfect sense and leaves you wanting MORE.


Be prepared to take radical self accountability and deep dive into your own personal well-being, personal power and sovereignty as you explore your bodies forgotten wisdom.

Laura Johnson

"This woman is CHURCH! She unravels the wisdom of the entire creation we carry within! You willl be forever changed! 


You have a body? Then you must dive deep then! Michelle brings a whole science and body of knowledge to assist us in creating an atmosphere within for our bodies to Thrive. 


She taps into the Divine Awareness that everything is whole and complete. 

That our natural state is Divine, and that we are an energetic match to what we bring inside.


Unfortunately most of our bodies have become more mass that no longer vibrates very high. Well she is here to change all that!”

Maria Portas

I have been working with Michelle for almost a year.


The depth of her understanding of the human body is incomparable. And in a way that I have not learned, even as a medical doctor myself.


Her intuitive and individualized approach makes it even better.


It has changed the way I approach my own health in ways that have benefited me physically, emotionally and spiritually.​”

Kristin Atkins


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