Working with Michelle

The Gui Lai (歸來) is a home. It is a return. It is a mantra of my life.


Gui means to return, to go back to, or to return something to someone. Lai means to come, and is used as a verbal complement that indicates movement toward the subject, which in this self-mastery emporium means you.

Put together, Gui Lai means simply to return or come back to.


We can all return or come back to self. We live in a paradigm of distraction where we are pulling out of the powerful architecture of the body, and into the busy matrix of the world where we hand over responsibility of our holistic wellness, to one that supports industry and herd mentality.


I have developed a variety of ways you can begin to bring yourself into alignment with YOU. We are all on different journeys and at different places in our lives so not everything is for everyone. 


I am here to inspire you to return to your magnificent ability to know thyself. 

To be rooted in your body which will allow you to reach all of the wellness goals you desire through your own unique journey of self-mastery. 


We are an entire ecosystem... if we grow in one area it spills over into all aspects of our beingness on this planet. It's all connected, mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships, business, love and purpose. 

Self-mastery can be found in every cell of our entire existence so when we begin mastery in any form it affects the whole. 

Online Programs Currently Available

Inner Ecology Masterclass Series


The human body, your spaceship to life, is where you will find what you seek. It’s a gift beyond measure, if you are willing to accept it as such. Inner ecology is an in-depth and expansive journey with your territory of your internal organs. Each month for the next 9 months we will explore the functions of 9 different organs from a western biological and ancient alchemical perspective, learn targeted naturopathic practices that tonify the health of the organs, find out how the organs and the emotions are intrinsically linked and

maximise your mental and physical realities.

Join our evolving community and wellness revolution. So, what is a wellness revolution you ask yourself? It is the exploration of one’s unique path to wellness and the expansion of the mind, body and spirit as one thread of consciousness. Here you will have an adventure with your own internal terrain. Learn new landscapes you never knew existed. Regain personal power and reawaken your internal physician. You’ll also receive exclusive offers, wellness insights, and be introduced to other pioneers in wellness. You are the healer you have been waiting for. Let the self-mastery begin. Wellness is evolving and it takes a tribe.

In the Self Mastery Hacks Masterclass Series we venture into different parts of our physical being. We will tap into the naturopathic, nutritional, herbal, and ancient theory and philosophy whirl pool of healing, and pull out the drops that water our soils of holistic living for when we need a little first aid or for the bigger picture of our wellness goals.

The Art of Food Combining

We are so complicated. Humans complicate everything, even food. Gone are the days of eating for fuel, and in are the days of eating for Instagram. It often seems that the emphasis is on having a plate of food that is reminiscent of a well put together window display, instead of an actual meal. Food combining can even extend our lives far beyond the average and slow down the aging process, among so many other amazing things! Most people consume food indiscriminately, without thinking for a second what happens to the incompatible food mixtures when they reach the stomach. That said, it is not necessary to get bogged down in strict unbending food combining rules in order to achieve good health. We have enough rules in life. You only need to follow some simple, but important principles. And that’s exactly what we will be doing in this masterclass!

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