Lunatic is a 5-week exploration with me into the alchemy of the menstrual cycle, menopause and beyond.


I have not only invested a large part of my studies and clinical practice into this area of inner alchemy, but I live by these principles in my own life and inspire my clients and patients to do the same. This is a journey into the seasons, hormones, and alchemical virtues gifted to us in our human form as women. We are intrinsically linked to the environmental cycles of the earth, to the pulse and energy of it.


There are a multitude of benefits in joining LUNAtic.


We are often walking around blind in our beautiful bodies to the processes that are happening internally. Over the weeks you will learn about the hormones as well as the organs and glands behind their manufacture. You will get insight into what is rising and falling in the four seasons that your cycle expresses throughout a month.


Through Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter within.


Even if you have been gifted the wise woman, these seasons are still very much present in you, as they are present in the world around you. The wise woman is the evolution of our womanhood. The phase when our menstrual flow is no more. A divine right.


We will also explore the archetypes of these seasons, their alchemical virtues, and strengths. Investigation into these archetypes within, will hand you the reigns of your ebbs and flows, allowing you to live fully in your superpowers.


And super, you are.




Michelle Patrick is a clinically experienced Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic nutrition, with an invested passion and interest in self mastery and five element theory and philosophy.


Michelle believes that the human body is capable of great self-healing and expansion when the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies align in their divine thread of consciousness. When you are in the sovereign state of your own wellness and in the integrity of embodiment. 


Though her dedicated practice, Michelle supports the awakening of this capability through her patients and clients. By not only supporting them with the application of treatment, but providing them with a frame work that supports the holistic person. Allowing the body and its subtle bodies to ignite homeostasis.

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