We live on an absolutely magnificent representation of creation, the earth…what a mind blowing manifestation of consciousnesses.


There is so much to witness, experience and explore on this planet we so gratefully get to call our home in this reality. There are so many different continents and countries. There are so many different terrains…from ice capped mountains, to the dessert, thick jungles and rainforests, to majestic lakes and oceans. Each with their own ecology, and each with a unique vibration and frequency of consciousness that contributes to the whole, that is life and the natural world.


The macro of which we, as humans, are the micro of.


A perfectly mirrored reflection, we barely even notice the beauty of our external environments at times, let alone reflect of the deep symbiotic union we co create with nature.


We are nature. 
As the micro of the macro, every cell is alive with this intimate relationship.


Can I ask you something?


Do you ever take a second to see or acknowledge the inner most parts of the human body, all of your bodies that reflect nature in the actualization of your mind, the body, and in the unveiling of your spirit?

I know, deep question…
It’s one that I try to keep at the forefront of my awareness in my own life.

It helps me innerstand where and how imbalance rears it’s head at me (as it does in ALL of us…it’s called growth) physically and emotionally.


To walk around in the miracle of the human form and not fully explore its mastery in actualizing the life you wish to live, in all areas, is to view yourself just as a drop in, and not the entire oceans. 


Your inner ecology is, and the discovery of, a mastery key in the honoring of self fully, and masterfully.

Because you are that, a master of your reality.


Who would think that biology would have such an impact on that?


But it does.

Every drop of blood contains memory.

Every tissue, muscle emotions, and every organ system and it’s function, is not just an opportunity for good health, but an opportunity to realize your fullest potential.



Inner Ecology Masterclass Series

Listening to Michelle is like music to my soul... she speaks and my whole body and mind tunes in, activating an inner knowing.


Michelle’s intuition, wisdom and knowledge of the body goes deeper than I’ve ever experienced bringing in science, methodology and ancient wisdom together in a way that makes perfect sense and leaves you wanting MORE.


Be prepared to take radical self accountability and deep dive into your own personal well-being, personal power and sovereignty as you explore your bodies forgotten wisdom.

Laura Johnson

"This woman is CHURCH! She unravels the wisdom of the entire creation we carry within! You willl be forever changed! 


You have a body? Then you must dive deep then! Michelle brings a whole science and body of knowledge to assist us in creating an atmosphere within for our bodies to Thrive. 


She taps into the Divine Awareness that everything is whole and complete. 

That our natural state is Divine, and that we are an energetic match to what we bring inside.


Unfortunately most of our bodies have become more mass that no longer vibrates very high. Well she is here to change all that!”

Maria Portas

I have been working with Michelle for almost a year.


The depth of her understanding of the human body is incomparable. And in a way that I have not learned, even as a medical doctor myself.


Her intuitive and individualized approach makes it even better.


It has changed the way I approach my own health in ways that have benefited me physically, emotionally and spiritually.​”

Kristin Atkins

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